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Schedule RT

Schedule RT – Regularity Trials

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Appendix Five – Schedule RT
Regularity Trials

Contents Last Updated: August 2018

Article 1 Preamble
Article 2 Determination
Article 3 Special Conditions
Article 4 Vehicle Eligibility
Article 5 Event Starting
Article 6 Competitor Requirements
Article 7 Safety Equipment

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Standing Regulations for Regularity Trials

Preamble: Regularity Trials, being a ClubSport Basic permit status event, allow competitors to run their vehicles for the enjoyment of themselves and the spectators.
It is a competition being a trial of regularity, not outright speed. As such, it is exempted from some of the requirements of race competition.
The continuing existence of regularity trials relies upon the exercise of common sense, and, more particularly, good judgement on the part of the organisers in accepting or rejecting entries for specific events. Gross variations in potential speed are not condoned, and lap times close to racing lap times for specific vehicles are also unacceptable.
Determination: The winner of the competition shall be the competitor who records a total event time closest to the time nominated by the competitor, prior to the commencement of the competition, with minimum variation between lap times.
Special Conditions: Regularity Trials may be run as part of the program at a Race Meeting for the categories outlined in Article 4 and will be subject to the same administrative documentation and current safety requirements.
Event promoters must pay special attention to the differential in lap times related to the slowest vehicle when selecting fields for Regularity Trials.

Vehicle Eligibility:

Historic Regulatory Trial: Vehicles eligible to take part in Historic Regularity Trials shall be those complying with Appendix Six Schedules K, T&C or CR and as appropriate to the vehicle either Appendix Two Schedule A, or Appendix Six Schedule AA.
Modern Regulatory Trial: Vehicles eligible to take part in Modern Regularity Trials shall be those complying with Appendix Two Schedule A.
Note: A Modern Regularity Trial may not be run at an Historic and Classic Race Meeting.

Event Starting: The method of starting may be either:

Vehicles will be assembled on the starting grid in the usual manner. Each row of vehicles will be started individually at a time interval of not less than two(2) seconds between rows, or
Vehicles will be assembled on the starting grid in the usual manner. Once assembled the five(5) second board shall be displayed. When the starting flag is dropped the two(2) cars on the first row of the grid shall start. All remaining cars shall move forward one(1) grid row, and the starter will then start the next row.
The method of starting shall be detailed in the Event Supplementary Regulations.
Competitor Requirements: Competitors will be required to hold as a minimum a current M Grade or higher Licence and a current membership card of a Member Club. No passengers may be carried.
Safety Equipment: Drivers must wear safety apparel that as a minimum is as specified in Appendix Two Schedule A or Appendix Six Schedule AA.