The Official MotorSport New Zealand Manual

Schedule B

Schedule B – Fees and Charges

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Appendix One – Schedule B

Fees and Charges

Contents Last Updated: 25 October 2022

Article 1 Medical Aptitude & Competition Licence Fees
Article 2 Permits, Championship Titles, Records & Calendar, Fees and Bonds
Article 3 Participation Levies
Article 4 Protests and Appeals
Article 5 Technical Services
Article 6 MotorSport Publications
Article 7 Administration Fees
Article 8 Officials – Reimbursement Levels
Article 9 Venue Licences
Article 10 Temporary Venues – Fees and Bonds
Note: Text changes from the previous issue of this Schedule are highlighted such. Text changes for grammatical and/or formatting reasons are not highlighted.
* all fees are GST inclusive
1 Medical Aptitude/Review & Competition Licence Fees
1.1 Medical Aptitude/Review
International Grade (INT) Nil (included in Licence Fee)
C and/or R Grade (applicable if medical review requested) $45.00
M Grade Nil
Foreign Participation Visa (C, R and M Grade only) $45.00
1.2 Competition Licence Fees
INT A Grade, INT B Grade and INT C-C Grade and INT D-C Grade $473.00
INT C-R Grade and INT D-R Grade $510.00
C Grade (C1) New Application $120.00
R Grade (R1) New Application $150.00
C Grade (C1 or C2) $190.00
R Grade (R1 or R2) $220.00
M Grade $77.00
Temporary HC Grade $50.00
Temporary M Grade $35.00
Upgrades (Refer Note 1)
Entrants $463.00
Priority Fee (Refer Note 2)
INT Land Speed Record – D Grade $795.00
INT Land Speed Record – C Grade $820.00
INT Land Speed Record – B Grade $845.00
INT Land Speed Record – A Grade $870.00
Licence Reprint Fee $15.00
Non-production of Licence on Event (refer Note 3)
Foreign Participation Visa / Internal Visa $75.00
Trans-Tasman Visa $150.00
Driving School Licence (per annum) $273.00
Instructors Licence $98.00
Manual Handling Fee (refer Note 2) $15.00
2 Permits, Championship Titles, Records & Calendar, Fees and Bonds
(Refer Note 4)
2.1 Organising Permit Fees
International Events (Refer Note 5) On Application
National Race – Foreign Participation $700.00
National Race $515.00
Clubmans Race (Refer Note 16) $515.00
Clubmans Race – Foreign Participation $700.00
National Rally – Foreign Participation $2,730.00
Rally (Refer Note 6) $2,560.00
Clubmans Rally $1280.00
Clubmans Rally – Foreign Participation $1365.00
Rallysprints $221.00
Dual Rallysprints $400.00
Rally Testing Days $221.00
Additional Rally days (Refer Note 6) $310.00
Championship fee (Additional Fee per event) $360.00
Additional Truck fee per event $1,160.00
ClubSport Events
• Advanced Status Events (Permanent circuit based) $124.00
• Advanced Status Events (All Advanced status events non-permanent circuit based) $221.00
• Basic Status Events Nil
ClubSport with Foreign Participation (Additional Fee per event) $205.00
Series sanctioning fee – New Series $1,545.00
Series sanctioning fee – Renewal $325.00
Multi-permitted events (Refer to Note 17)
2.2 Title Fees
FIA Championship Title $4,635.00
Regional International Championship $3,865.00
MotorSport NZ Title $2,835.00
2.3 NZ Record Fee
Per Vehicle $5,665.00
2.4 Calendar – Late Entry, Cancellation or Postponement Fee
International Event 200% of Permit fee
National Event (non-championship) 200% of Permit fee
National Event (Championship) 300% of Permit fee
2.5 Bonds (Refer Note 7)
3 Participation Levies (per entry)
International Race Events non-Championship $100.00
National Race Events $53.00
Additional Race Championship Levy
(Applicable for all MotorSport NZ Race Championship)
International Rally Events (Includes Navigator)
National Rally Events (Includes Navigator) $53.00
Clubmans Rally $26.50
Rallysprints $27.00
Dual Rallysprints $27.00
Rally Testing Days $27.00
Additional Rally Championship Levy
(Applicable to all MotorSport NZ Rally Championships and includes Navigator)
Additional Rally Challenge Levy
(Applicable to all MotorSport NZ Rally Championships and includes Navigator)
ClubSport Advanced Status Events $27.00
ClubSport Basic Status Events $10.00
Clubmans Race Events $30.00
4 Protests and Appeals
4.1 Protest Fees
All Events (except ClubSport events) $425.00
ClubSport Events $70.00
Technical Deposit required with eligibility protests (refer Note 8)
4.2 Appeal Fees
To National Court of Appeal $2500.00
To Medical Commission $265.00
5 Technical Services (Refer Note 14)
Logbook $35.00
FIA Vehicle Homologation Papers (ex stock) On Application
FIA Vehicle Homologation Papers (special request) On Application
FIA Vehicle Homologation paper updates registration (per annum) $150.00
Safety Structure Homologation application $250.00
Safety Structure Homologation Extension $150.00
Safety Structure approval for Schedules K and T&C vehicles $250.00
Safety Structure Homologation Type Approval (1st six vehicles) $900.00
Safety Structure Homologation Type Approval (Each additional vehicle) $75.00
Roll Protection Recognition Application $150.00
Certificate of Description application for Historic and Classic vehicles
  • Online Application (standard processing time allowance – 120mins)
  • Paper Application (standard processing time allowance – 120mins)
Additional time over this will be charged as per the Technical Services Fee below.
COD Updates $67.00
Historic Technical Passport for Historic vehicles On Application
MotorSport NZ/LVVTA Authority Card: for original applications and annual renewals  $75.00
Technical Service Inspection $195.00
Technical Services Fee (refer Note 15) $125.00
Card reprint fee $15.00
6 MotorSport Publications
All Publications (refer Note 9)
7 Administration Fees
7.1 Application for MotorSport NZ membership as;
Member Club $120.00
7.2 Member Club Annual Subscription
For each member of member club: (per member)
Up to 50 members $10.00
51 – 100 members $9.50
101 – 150 members $9.00
151 – 200 members $8.50
201 – 250 members $8.00
251 – 300 members $7.50
301 and over members $7.00
8 Officials – Reimbursement Levels
8.1 Travel
Mileage claimable at cost – up to $0.35 $0.45 per km $0.45
Inter-island travel – Ferry or Air Fares At cost
8.2 Accommodation and Meals
International Event At cost
All other Events At cost up to $200.00 per night maximum
9 Venue Licences
9.1 Inspection fees
Comprehensive Inspection Fee $1,855.00
Regular Inspection Fee $1,185.00
Check Inspection Fee $875.00
9.2 Permanent venues
International Grade One (Includes proportion of FIA triennial inspection fee and one(1) regular inspection fee) On Application
National Grade Two (Includes one(1) regular inspection fee) On Application
9.3 Temporary Venues
(Refer also Article 10 Temporary Venues – Fees and Bonds)
International Circuit or Track (Refer Note 10) On Application
National Circuit or Track (Refer Note 10) $3,600.00
Special Event Circuit, Course or Track requiring Venue licence (Refer Note 10) $618.00
10 Temporary Venues – Fees and Bonds
New International Circuit or Track Application Fee By application
New National Circuit or Track Application Fee $515.00
New International or National Circuit or Track
Inspection Deposit (refer Note 11)
Performance Bond (refer Note 12) $7,210.00
Additional Insurance (refer Note 13) On Application
Application Fee for Special Event Circuit, Course or
Track requiring Venue licence (refer also Notes 10 and 13)
Licence Upgrade Fee: This is the difference between your new licence grade and your current licence. You are required to pay this figure when upgrading any existing current licence. The upgrade fee will be calculated on a pro-rata scale dependent on the expiry date of the upgraded licence.
Priority fee and manual processing charges: It is the policy of MotorSport NZ to process all applications submitted through the MotorSport Online system within three(3) working days of receipt. Should a quicker service be required a priority fee will be charged, this being 50% of relevant fee in addition to the standard fee. Licence applications not submitted via the MotorSport Online system will incur the additional manual processing charge.

Pursuant to Article 48 of the NSC, when a competitor is unable to produce his/her licence then;

  • if the licence is proved to be valid in the MotorSport Online system, the penalty in accordance with Appendix One Schedule P will be applied, or
  • if the licence is proved to be invalid in the MotorSport Online system or the Online System cannot be accessed at the Event, the Steward of the Meeting is required to take from the competitor a completed licence application form (including a medical declaration where applicable), plus the applicable fee for the grade required, plus a priority fee of 50% of the applicable fee for the grade required. In cases where the applicant has a current licence the fee will be refunded by MotorSport NZ, less the 50% priority fee.
The Board may determine the fees or charges payable for any particular event irrespective of the fees notated.
All international events are subject to FIA fees, which are charged to organisations at cost plus a handling fee in addition to any fees or charges assessed by MotorSport NZ. If an organiser anticipates promoting an international event an assessment of these fees should be obtained from MotorSport NZ Inc.
The rally permit relates to a rally involving competition within a maximum of two days (48 hours including documentation and audit scrutineering). Any day or part day after this period carries a further permit fee. Remote safety audits, as described in Appendix Two Schedule A, shall be included as part of the duration of any permit issued, however any such audit shall not count towards the maximum time of the permit.
The Board at its absolute discretion may require a bond to be placed against payment of fees and/or prize-money and against performance of organisers to meet their obligations.

If the protest requires the dismantling and re-assembly of different parts of a car, the protester must pay an additional deposit of:

$500.00 plus GST (or such higher amount as may be determined by the Stewards) if the protest involves a clearly defined part of the car (engine, transmission, steering, braking system, electrical installation, bodywork, etc.), or
$1000.00 plus GST (or such higher amount as may be determined by the Stewards) if the protest involves more than one defined part of the vehicle, or.
Should the protest not be upheld then the reasonable costs of disassembly, inspection and assembly shall be met by the protestor. When these costs are in excess of the deposit, the additional costs are to be borne by the protestor and when there is a lesser cost, a refund may be made.
Publications: From time to time MotorSport NZ will publish schedules containing information or regulations which may incur a production charge.
In addition to the venue licence fee stated MotorSport NZ shall charge the Event organiser the costs of all inspection visits deemed necessary to ensure that the venue is of a standard suitable for a Venue Licence.
The Inspection Deposit is taken to offset costs of processing the application and initial inspections (Refer to Appendix One Schedule Y, Part Two Article 4.1(3) for further details), the initial and any subsequent on-site inspections deemed necessary by MotorSport NZ will be charged by MotorSport NZ. The inspection deposit less inspection costs will be refunded when all inspections are completed. Should expenses incurred exceed the inspection deposit the additional cost will remain the care of the organisation making the application.
Performance Bonds (which cover Safety and Programme Adherence, Event proceeding, Payment of Sporting Fees, Prizes and all costs directly due to member clubs). The Board of MotorSport NZ may at its sole discretion vary the requirements of the foregoing.
MotorSport NZ’s insurers reserve the right to assess MotorSport NZ’s risk factor for all new and temporary venues.
An additional 50% of the original application fee or upgrade fee will be charged when applications under Article 5 (Technical Services) of this Schedule are not completed specifically to the technical requirements of the application.
Technical Service Fees will be applied where additional work or manpower is required on behalf of any application beyond normal processing functions or where any technical inspection takes more than one hour in duration.
National Race with Clubmans class refer to National Race. Clubmans permit fee for Clubmans Class only.
When a Member Club takes out more than one Organising Permit for an event held on the same day at the same location, only the highest Organising Permit Fee will be charged.