The Official MotorSport New Zealand Manual

National Sporting Code

NSC – Part V (56-61) Competing Vehicles and Scrutineering

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  Last Updated: August 2018

PART V – Competing Vehicles and Scrutineering

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Advertising on Competing Vehicles:

Subject to paragraphs (2) and (3) of this Article and without affecting in any way any requirements in the Supplementary Regulations (if any), or the Sanctioned Series Articles as to size, location or dimension of competition numbers, advertising on competing vehicles is free.
No organiser of a Series, Meeting or Event may restrict any Competitor in the Series, Meeting or Event from placing advertising on the Competitor’s competing vehicles or protective clothing or helmet unless such restrictions are required by law or by the Schedule to an Appendix of this Code which governs the eligibility of the competing vehicle to enter the Series, Meeting or Event.
Any obligation intended to be imposed by the organiser of a Sanctioned Series, Meeting or Event upon the Competitors therein to affix any advertising on the Competitor’s competing vehicle, protective clothing or helmet must be stated in the Series’ Articles or Supplementary Regulations in which case such requirement shall be a condition of entry.
The placement of advertising on any competing vehicle or on any Competitor’s protective clothing or helmet and the size, location or dimension of competition numbers shall not form the basis of any protest between Competitors but may make the Competitor subject to discipline by the organiser of the Series, Meeting or Event or by MotorSport NZ.
False Advertising: Any Entrant or Competitor advertising or publicising the result of any Series, Meeting, Event or Record Attempt must not, in such advertising or publicity, engage in any misleading or deceptive conduct or make any false or misleading representation and the Entrant shall ensure that any of its sponsors advertising or publicising the same are aware that they are dealing with the results of a MotorSport NZ championship, Meeting, Event or Record Attempt and that they are not to engage in any false or misleading conduct or make any false or misleading representation in relation thereto.


Subject at all times to the International Sporting Code, MotorSport NZ shall in Appendices Two, Three, Four, Five and Six of this Code, prescribe from time to time for competing vehicles in Series, Meetings and Events safety requirements together with procedures and requirements to be adopted and complied with by all organisers, Officials and Competitors therein as to scrutineering competing vehicles for compliance with all such safety requirements and vehicle classifications, specifications, definitions and regulations.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary expressed or implied in this Code or in any Appendix to this Code or any Schedule to an Appendix to this Code, the onus shall at all times be upon the Driver of a competing vehicle to prove the conformity of their vehicle with any safety requirement or vehicle classification, specification, definition or regulation.

Reclassification of a Vehicle: Without prejudice to the right of an Entrant to change the competing vehicle to be driven by the competitor nominated by the Entrant pursuant to Article 37 of this Code, should during initial scrutineering (if any), a competing vehicle prove not to be in conformity with the vehicle classification, specification, definition or regulation governing the Sanctioned Series, Meeting or Event in which it is entered, the scrutineers may recommend to the Clerk of the Course that it be reclassified. Any such vehicle may only be re-classified if:

The irregularity did not occur as a result of an attempt to gain an advantage; and
The proposed change will give no advantage to the Entrant or Competitor of the competing vehicle; and
The proposed change is into a higher performance or capacity class or group and does not prevent another Competitor from starting;
And any such change, which is accepted by the Clerk of the Course, shall be posted on the Official Notice board within thirty(30) minutes of the end of scrutineering. Any such reclassification shall be subject to the protest of any other Competitor.

Parc Fermé:

The Championship or Sanctioned Series Articles shall specify whether a parc fermé shall be established at any Meeting or Event forming a round of the Championship or Series for those competing vehicles.
The Technical Officer(s) or Chief Scrutineer appointed to the Meeting or Event shall advise competitors in such Championship or Series of the location of the parc fermé.
When provided for, each parc fermé must be of adequate dimensions and adequately closed-off so as to ensure that no unauthorised person may gain access while competing vehicles are in the parc fermé. The area between the finish line and the parc fermé entrance shall be deemed to be and must be operated as part of the parc fermé.
Other than the Drivers and Co-Drivers driving their competing vehicles to the parc fermé, no Competitor may enter a parc fermé without the permission of the Officials appointed by the organisers to be responsible for the parc fermé.
No intervention is permitted on the competing vehicles in a parc fermé unless provision to this effect is explicitly made in the Articles of the Championship or Sanctioned Series or the Supplementary Regulations of the Meeting or Event.

Vehicles may only be released from a parc fermé;

At the expiry of the time limit for Protest, by the appointed Event Director or Race Director or the Clerk of the Course, or
Prior to the expiry time limit for Protest, by the appointed MotorSport NZ Technical Officer(s) or the appropriate Series Scrutineer, with the approval of the Meeting or Event Stewards.
Homologations: MotorSport NZ shall from time to time consider applications from manufacturers of competing vehicles for homologation into any vehicle classification, specification, definition and regulation in an Appendix or a Schedule to an Appendix of this Code and (if granted) all such homologations shall become effective on the first(1st) Working Day of the month following the date of the grant of the homologation.