The Official MotorSport New Zealand Manual

National Sporting Code

National Sporting Code – Index

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New Zealand MotorSport Manual
Edition No. 36

Last Updated: August 2018

The MotorSport Manual comprises:

National Sporting Code

Part I Articles 1 – 7 General Principles
Part II Articles 8 – 34 Competitions
Part III Articles 35 – 38 Entrants and Competitors
Part IV Articles 39 – 55 Licences
Part V Articles 56 – 61 Competing Vehicles and Scrutineering
Part VI Articles 62 – 65 Circuits, Venues and Courses
Part VII Articles 66 – 89 Officials
Part VIII Articles 90 – 107 Penalties
Part IX Articles 108 – 117 Protests
Part X Articles 118 – 122 Inquiries and Judicial Hearings
Part XI Articles 123 – 125 Appeals
Part XII Articles 126 – 129 Calendar

Appendix One – Administration

Schedule B Fees and Charges
Schedule D Drugs and Alcohol
Schedule E Permits
Schedule G Guidance Of Officials
Schedule L Licences
Schedule LS Licensed Driving Schools
Schedule O Officials
Schedule P Penalties On Competitors, Entrants and Drivers, Officials, Member Clubs, and Officers
Schedule Q Standing Articles for Sanctioned Series
Schedule Y Venues, Circuits and Tracks

Appendix Two – Safety

Schedule A (Part 1) Driver and Vehicle Safety
Schedule A (Part 2) Driver and Vehicle Safety
Schedule H Event Safety

Appendix Three – Rallies and Rallysprints

Schedule R Standing Regulations Applicable To All Rallies
Schedule RS Standing Regulations Governing All Rallysprint Events
Addenda Addenda to Schedule R

Appendix Four – Races

Schedule Z Standing Regulations Applicable to All Races

Appendix Five – ClubSport

Schedule C ClubSport
Schedule DR Drifting
Schedule RT Regularity Trials
Schedule CK Standing Regulations for the Conduct of Sporting Trials (Published as a separate publication)
Schedule T Standing Regulations for the Conduct of Navigational Rallies

Appendix Six – Historic and Classic

Part One Foreword
Part Two Historic and Classic Competition Philosophy
Part Three Certificates of Description
Schedule K Historic Racing Cars to Original Specifications
Schedule T&C Modified Classic Racing Cars
Schedule CR Replica and Retrospective Specials
Schedule AA Safety Requirements For Vehicles Pre 1978
Schedule RH Historic Rally Cars To Original Specifications

Appendix Seven – Record Attempts

Appendix 7 Regulations for New Zealand Record Attempts (Published as a separate publication)
Each Section contains a detailed list of contents
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The various regulations contained in Manual 36 become effective from 20 August 2018.
This publication supersedes all previous editions.

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National Sporting Code

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (hereinafter referred to as “the FIA”) –
The sole international sporting authority entitled to make and enforce regulations for the encouragement and control of automobile competitions and records and the final international court of appeal for the settlement of disputes arising therefrom has, so that these powers may be exercised in a fair and equitable manner, drawn up the International Sporting Code in and by which each national club or federation belonging to the FIA shall be presumed to acquiesce and be bound; and
Subject to such acquiescence and restraint, the FIA shall recognise one single national club or federation per country (hereinafter called “the ASN”) as sole international sporting power for the enforcement of the International Sporting Code and control of motor sport in its own country, dominions, dependencies, protectorates and colonies (provided however that if one of such territories is represented directly on the FIA, the control of the sport in that territory shall be exercised by that territory’s ASN) and each ASN shall have the right to delegate the whole or part of the powers conferred upon it by the International Sporting Code to another or several other clubs of its country and to withdraw such delegation (provided it first obtains the prior approval of the FIA to any such delegation or withdrawal of delegation) and each ASN may draw up its own Competition rules which will compulsorily be sent to the FIA.

MotorSport New Zealand Incorporated –

Being recognised by the FIA as sole international sporting power for the enforcement of the International Sporting Code and the control of motor sport under the authority of the FIA in New Zealand and such other territories, the control of which may be granted to it by the FIA from time to time, and having acquiesced in and agreed to be bound by the International Sporting Code, has drawn up its own national Competition rules to ensure that Motorsport Competitions held in New Zealand under the authority of MotorSport NZ (pursuant to any MotorSport NZ permit or licence, or otherwise) are fair and safe, being this National Sporting Code as follows: